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I, Wendy Pearson(WP) took on an Entrepreneurial role, starting up a local Bookkeeping Company  in 2008 working with over twenty local businesses and their owners to achieve their goals. Recognizing my passion, the rebirth and opening of “Account On Me WP Services” enlists incorporating all the knowledge, learning and experiences I’ve met during my career thus far. Account On Me WP Services is the evolution of Bookkeeping; going beyond pure data entry and into Advisory services so many business owners are seeking. I provide Businesses with the technology, tools and expertise to give them the information  needed for the best decisions!


After graduating from Business Administration, I tried a few areas of work, but to no avail. My first business was with a colleague from College. After a struggle with one of our partners, I took on the role of administrative assistant at a manufacturing firm where I blossomed into a valued employee with the freedom to grow from my bosses. I took courses for software accounting, continued with my CMA courses and dove right in to learn every aspect of the business. After 14 years I computerized the whole business with a program that covered shipping, invoicing, AR, AP, design, inventory control, all departments of operations of the manufacturing organization, SaaS. 

During my time at the manufacturing operation, I took on clients outside of business hours and helped many different industries computerize, set up bookkeeping and consulting in future growth of the businesses.

I met my husband at one of my clients, a flying club, and he was a aircraft mechanic. The next 20 years we owned a fly in fishing lodge, a drive in fishing lodge, a mechanics/Yamaha dealership and brought up boy/girl twins.


Welcome to Account On Me WP

At Account On Me WP Services, I offer more than just bookkeeping. My advisory services are designed to empower business owners with the technology, tools, and expertise they need to make informed decisions. With my assistance, you can gain invaluable insights into your business that will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. Don't settle for just any bookkeeper - choose an advisor who can help you take your business to the next level.



Full Cycle Bookkeeping

Full cycle bookkeeping - different volume of transactions


Catch Up

Whether it's 1 year or 3 years catch up this is the place.


Business Consulting/Advisory

Full reporting and advisory services


Data/Software Migration

QBO, Sage, other


Take a look at the packages. If you don't see a package that suits you, please contact me.

Low Volume

100 transactions or less per month. Basic bookkeeping/data entry, payroll processing for up to 10 employees and software subscription:

per month


Starting at

Medium Volume

250 transactions or less per month. Your basic bookkeeping/data entry, payroll processing for up to 20 employees and software subscription:

per month


Starting at

Large Volume

350 transactions or less per month. Your basic bookkeeping/data entry, payroll processing up to 30 employees and software subscription:

per month


Starting at

Large Volume

This package also includes basic, intermediate, and some If you are in need of high-level reporting that goes beyond what regular accounting systems or bookkeepers can offer, we can provide you with the necessary services. Our services include advanced Profit and Loss statements with budget and/or prior period comparatives, Cash Flow Forecasts and Projections, Balance Sheet, Aged Accounts Receivable and Payable listings, Account Reconciliations, Custom Charts and Graphs for specific metrics, Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) 

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